Lotteries, something people play in their spare time when they get old? Well, yes and no. Many younger people also enjoy playing lotteries, to an extent. Given that we are in a world where almost all the devices are connected, it is easy to find stuff to do. The financial gains which you can imagine when seeing those jackpot numbers are always tempting so people turn towards lotteries to earn a bit more. They also love saving money, so they frequently look for bonus codes like the PA lottery bonus offer.

But, what are the actual odds of winning a lottery? Is it really that difficult? Yes, it is and here is why.

The Odds are Definitely not in Your Favor

All lotteries are by design unfair to the players with the intention of saving more and more money, thus earning more money for the lottery organizations and the state or country it is played in. Some lotteries are so unfair towards the player that it makes no sense to play them, at all. In some cases, this can be seen with lotteries which have really small jackpots, compared to the international ones like the Powerball or EuroMillions.

What do the Odds Mean?

The odds are often displayed in the lottery itself, for example, the standard 6/49 lottery, where six numbers are drawn from a possible 49. You have to pick those six numbers in advance, thus gambling on the result of a completely random draw. If the order of the numbers is not important, there are 13,983,816 possible combinations from those 6 out of 49 numbers. If the order is important, that number increases significantly to 10,068,347,520. Even if 14 million people played the lottery, not a single one is guaranteed to win, as they would most likely not pick the same combination. This is just the standard lottery. The Powerball has the odds against you even further, with 2 extra balls which you need to guess. The odds per play amount to 1 against 292,201,308 possible combinations.

If the Odds Are So Bad, Why is Everyone Still Playing?

While the odds for winning a jackpot are immensely against you, the other prizes have better odds, meaning that you could win something once out of every 200,000 plays, which is a lot better than 200,000.000.

But the reason is far more emotional, in most cases. The promise of a better life through picking a couple of numbers is the pinnacle of low effort and huge gain approach. People want to have more by doing less or nothing at all, most of the time.

On the other hand, some just enjoy the thrill of watching the balls bounce. Lotteries contribute to entertainment directly and are praised for it.

These are the things you need to know about lottery odds. Knowing that, you can now decide whether they are worth your time and money.

The rise of the internet and mainstream availability means that more and more stuff can be reached with minimal effort. That also means that you can obtain things online for free. There are various things that you can get for free, and here are some of them.

Free Bets

Online casinos offer plenty of free bets either on sign-up or when you meet some criteria in a game. This is almost omnipresent and likely to be found on almost every online casino. Because so many casinos offer free bets, others, especially new ones, must do so as well, in order to be able to attract customers. Even old, established brands offer bonuses and promotions on a regular basis, for both new and already existing accounts.

Free Computer Components

While there isn’t a regular or established schedule where and when you can get a free component for your computer, many of the tech review sites or tech YouTube accounts, often referred to as tech tubers, frequently have giveaways. Large brands and even manufacturers also have giveaways, but you are likely to find possible free components with your favorite tech tubers and review sites.

Unlimited Movies

Some online streaming services such as Netflix offer free accounts for a month. This means that you have access to their entire database for an entire month. Being inventive enough, you can make multiple accounts and most likely enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows. Your friends can help out in this matter, as people love to Netflix and chill, usually in company of others, rather than alone.

Courses on Anything and Everything

There are many sites online which offer free courses, like Coursera or edX. edX has course from some of the more prestigious universities such as Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. Free courses mean more knowledge and more ways of earning stuff, which comes from free education.

Learn Languages

There are more ways of learning stuff online now than there has ever been and languages are ever so easier to learn. Duolingo offers both desktop and mobile applications which allow you to learn many languages for free. This can also help you bridge the gap to another culture as well as look for more job opportunities.

A Bank Account

Many people have bank accounts as they are almost essential to successful financial management. Since online banking took off, there are plenty of ways to create an account online, due to many banks offering online banking features. Some payment services function as online services primarily while others also offer credit cards which you can use at any ATM or shop.


Free e-books are available on many sites but a very popular and extensive database can be found on Project Gutenberg. They offer over 58000 e-books for free.

These are some of the best things you can get online for free. Some of them require a little effort and patience, but for the price of free, a lot of people are willing to make the sacrifice.

Organizing an event can be a disaster, definitely a stressful period for those involved in the behind-the-scenes work. Getting people to your event is also important, regardless of what that event is. Today, marketing is much easier to do than in the old days where you had to advertise through people or television or posters, all of which can be inconvenient and expensive.

Here is how you can attract people to your events.

Online Advertisements

Online advertisements are fairly popular today, in other words, there are almost no sites which do not have some form of advertising. Events also need advertisements, even things that are expected to be visited by tons of people, like music festivals.

If your event is going to be smaller than a music festival, you need to advertise it. Whether you decide on social media, YouTube videos, or partnering with an event promotion site. All of these can factor in getting more people to your event.

Free Presents

Everyone loves getting things for free, whether it is something as small as a shirt or food. Free food can attract people to any event. Your entire menu does not need to be free, but rather snacks and a drink. If not food, then free shirts or caps, anything that people can remember your event for.

Invitations and Promotional Material

Promotional material can be in any shape or form, but multimedia is the best solution. If your event is at least a couple of months away, you should focus on making videos which will serve as an advertisement. Having a YouTube channel helps in that regard, or even live streaming on Twitch. People love engaging with the staff and organizers.

Likewise, if regular ways of advertising are not enough, having a backup method is always recommended. Emails are great for this purpose, where the promotional material could simply include a well-designed poster and a well-worded invitation.

Hire Professionals

Doing everything yourself can be great for development and a feeling of self-accomplishment, but when short on time, hiring professionals is the best way to do things. A professional will do things without spending extra time on research or practicing their trade.

Whether you need a graphic designer, artist or a specialist in advertisement, hiring a professional is a great way to avoid headaches if you have the financials.

Start On Time

Preparing all the things ahead of schedule is the best way to organize an event, especially if you need to reach a lot of people. You do not want to do ten things at the same time, but rather focus on making every detail as good as it can be.

These are some tips which you can use to organize your events and bring more people to them.

It does not matter if you are a sports fan who bets on sports from time to time, or if you are a player who wants to raise some money for the team, it is very important to find good fundraiser ideas that will help you collect money for your team. Sports fans collect money for their team in many ways. Some raise money in their local community, others place bets and use the money for their team. Many sports fans visit online betting sites, use different new promo codes, such as the upcoming promo at GiveMeBet which will cover major competitions all over the world, win money and use that money to help their sports team raise some money. These are all valid ways to help your favorite team. However, it is important to have better and more solid fundraising ideas that will provide money for your favorite sports team. For that reason, in the following paragraph, we will explore three fundraising ideas that work.


Sports fans love to wear labels with the name of their favorite team or player. So, why don’t you use that to collect some money for the team? Sports players can create customized clothes. For instance, they can sign t-shirts, socks, or pants, and sell them to collect money. A true sports fan will love to wear a signed t-shirt! If someone knows how to create clothes, you can ask that person to help you make brand new clothes with the name of the team in the front or back. In addition, offer your sports fans some candies and other snacks with the name of the team on the package. This is easy to make and even easier to sell. Sports fans will buy branded candy and snacks every time they come to watch the game. In that way, you will collect a great amount of money to help your team!


As strange as it sounds, rent-an-athlete is a great fundraising idea which has proven to be very useful in raising money. Create an event where people can rent their favorite team player to do some work for them or to just spend time with them. It will be a dream come true for many sports fans. They can pay a certain amount of money and spend a whole day with their favorite team player doing some work. In addition, this will collect a great amount of money for the team.


Another great way to raise money for the team is to host a charity auction. Collect items from the game and players, hire an auctioneer, gather the audience and sell the items. In that way, everybody will be pleased. Sports fans will go home satisfied with the items they bought, the team will get rid of old things and raise a great amount of money.



However, there are many others you can opt for, from selling water balloons or organizing host camps. These were some of the ideas which have proven to be very useful in raising money, and we hope they will help your team too.

Gambling and betting are getting immensely popular, especially thanks to the rise of the Internet era. If you are into one of this type of activities, you can claim the special promo code from Quasar and have fun playing cool casino games. However, if you are worried about whether casinos and gambling companies help the poor and the homeless, read on!

The Gambling Companies are Taxed

It is no secret that the companies that own casinos all over the world earn a lot of money. So, one might wonder what they are doing with it. It is inevitable that a good deal of it is going for the taxes.

The taxes are an inseparable part of every country and gambling is usually heavily taxed by the countries. In fact, they are often counted in as contributing a great deal to the states’ income.

So, in one way, they are helping the overall well-being of the citizens living in a country where casinos exist. There are some smaller countries such as Monaco which actually list gambling as one of their primary sources of income.

The Charity Work

In some countries, there are laws which basically relieve the companies of taxation if they decide to spend a certain amount of their income for the charity. Many gambling companies often opt for this type of “tax” since they know that they would be helping those who are in grave need of food, clothing, or shelter.

One would say that the reason behind this is purely selfish as they would spend much less money on charity than on tax. But that is not entirely true. Some of the wealthiest people in the casino industry are some of the biggest philanthropists and charity workers in the world.

It is mainly because they are aware of the fact that gambling plays a huge role in every economy and that they have an obligation to help people.

Do I Help a Charity in a Casino?

This is probably a question that every person who takes pride in gambling asks themselves at least once. The answer to that question is – it depends. If you really want to help a charity, you can always give some of your gambling winnings to the charity – that is certainly one way to look at it.

However, make sure to see whether the company that supports your casino has some history in helping charity – most of them do. Another reason for that is that there are gambling authorities in almost every country that state that a part of the revenue MUST be given to charity.


To conclude, giving your money to a charity is a noble thing and most of the casinos do that – on their own or because the law says so. Even if the countries do not have strict regulations about the charity, most of them allow tax relief if money is given to charity and many casinos see that as an opportunity.

Recent years have witnessed the explosion in popularity of online slots, with new and ever more attractive slots being launched daily. There is a huge variety of them and the software platforms such as Net Ent, Yggdrasil, Endrophina, Microgaming and others are constantly competing which one will have the sleekest design and the most alluring theme. One of the latest examples that I warmly recommend is Nextgen’s Lightning Gems Slot.

If you are worrying that the games might be framed, rest assured: all online slots are using the Random Number Generator software, which ensures random and different series of numbers every time you spin the reels.

Here are a few tips that will help you decide where and how to bet your money:


Choose the reliable casino: there are thousands of online casinos out there, and you should always do your research and read the reviews before placing your bets. Cashmio Casino, Casumo, Bet 365, and Royal Panda are some of the casinos with top reputation.

Opening account: to start betting on slots you simply register at your chosen online casino and make your first deposit. The welcome bonuses offered by most casinos can really make your game worthwhile!

Kinds of slots: Slots can have many reels, multiple paylines (sometimes 100 or more!) and a variety of interesting extra features.

The 3-reel slot game, also referred to as a single line slot machine, is the simplest of all slots. In recent years, these classical fruties have been superseded by all kinds of pretty-looking multi-line video slot games. These games have minimum 5 reels and they come with great design, video animations and various entertaining additional attributes.
Progressive jackpot slots offer players the opportunity to cash in big. They feature jackpots that continually increase with each bet placed by all players playing that game. The large winning that comes with progressive slots game makes it without doubt the most popular type of online slot game.

Playing online slots: before you start spinning, click on the ‘Info’ icon to read the rules. You can also adjust coin values, bet sizes and number of paylines you want to play.

Press Spin button to spin your reels. Each slot features a unique set of symbols, which usually fall in three categories. Regular symbols will give you smaller or bigger wins if aligned properly on a payline. Wilds are the symbols that can replace all the regular symbols and that automatically bring you the biggest possible win. Finally, there are also special symbols scattered across the reels that can trigger free spins, bonus games or both. Good bonus games are one of the biggest pluses for an online slot, because they can really turn the tide to your advantage and give you incredible big wins.

Have fun and good luck!

First of all, what are fantasy sports? Some people refer to them as casino games, but if you stick to the definition, you’ll easily understand why they’re not. In fantasy sports, you are the manager of a team that you can make with whatever real players are active in the industry that year.

For example, let’s say you play fantasy football. You could make a team that includes stars like Beckham (too bad he’s retired though), Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic. As you can see, you can cross league and nationality lines to create the best team possible. Once your team is ready, you will battle other players who did the same thing.

The winner is determined based on the real life performances of those players. This is where it gets interesting. You have to know the leagues, the individual players and the team itself (if you choose one that already exists, like F.C. Barcelona for example). So, this game is not based on chance. The knowledge and skills of the player are rewarded with real money.

Going back to what I said in the first paragraph, fantasy sports can’t be categorised as gambling because no bet is made. You are just being rewarded for winning a game. Providers say that the fee you pay to enter a game is not a bet. Still, there’s plenty of debate about this issue. What’s for sure is that fantasy sports are not being regulated as gambling activities yet because most countries lack legislation that mentions online casino games in general, not to mention fantasy sports specifically.


In order to succeed you have to focus your efforts on a certain league and even more, a specific team. Some fantasy sports providers don’t allow you to create a dream team, so you have to stick to the ones that already exist. Your job is to understand how that team interacted with other teams from the same league in the past and to use that to your advantage.

There are a few key points to consider when making a draft. The most important question to ask yourself is what player would best fill that position? You also have to understand peer value, meaning the value of a player in relation to others who play the same position. It’s basically the gap in talent. You can use cheat sheets with built in peer values or you can do the math yourself but you need a good understanding of statistics for every player you want to draft.

Don’t fall into one of the most common pitfalls: update your lineup for the upcoming week. Forgetting to do so is one of the worst mistakes you could make because you might have an injured player or someone could be on a bye week.

Whenever in doubt, you are allowed and actually encouraged to ask other fantasy team managers who are not in the league you play in. This way, knowledge is collectively gathered and put on display for anyone who’s interested in learning more.

The first online casinos were established in 1998, meaning almost 20 years ago. Since then, thousands of casinos based in different countries around the globe were born. There are a few well-known brands that allow people from a lot of countries to join, so it’s quite hard to compete to with them.

Still, since you are not trying to open up your own casino, you should know that these big brands force new casinos to maintain a quality standard if they want to survive on the market. Competition is beneficial for the consumer because it usually results in better services at lower prices. This way, the big companies that dominate the market can’t drop the ball.

Anyway, so how online gambling works? The process is simple: you sign up, you make a deposit, you play. Assuming you are good enough to make some money, you will then withdraw your earnings into your account.

The law

Legality is a hot topic when it comes to online gambling, but it really shouldn’t be. Most of the civilised world allows people to play casino games online, probably because the government can take a lot of taxes from the casinos itself. The consumer’s earnings are usually exempt from taxes, which is good news because you get to keep all of your earnings.

There’s an interesting reason why people can freely play online casino games. Most states lack legislation that explicitly mentions online gambling. A lot of the gambling related laws date back to the 19th century and nobody really cares to implement them especially when it’s beneficial for the government for people to play.

Things change however in the countries where the Sharia law applies. Here, gambling can actually be severely punished, regardless of what type of casino you choose. Moreover, these countries tend to be on casinos’ list of restricted territories because there are legal problems involved.


You might wonder what types of games you can play online. the answer is any type of casino game including the classics (poker, blackjack, roulette etc.) and slot games with various themes and great visual effects. As time passed, the gameplay became more and more engaging even though the rules rarely changed. Developers focus on providing better sound and graphics as well as interesting stories for slot games. Apart from this, the casinos themselves offer freebies and promotions for certain games as an incentive to sign up and play.

Sports betting is a reliable way to make extra cash and I am living proof that it works if you use your money wisely. This gambling activity is relatively less risky than other casino games (i.e. slot machines) because it involves a lot of knowledge about the league and the team you’re betting on. So, if you are the type who doesn’t like to leave much to chance but still wants to feel the thrill of gambling, sports betting might be the right option for you.

Online betting

There is a wide range of sports you can bet on, starting with football and basketball up to horse races and golf. You can go to a brick and mortar betting shop or you can do everything online to get rid of the hassle. You will save time and money by choosing the online option. Online bettors have specific bonuses that you won’t find in shops.

Moreover, if you browse from a mobile device and download the bookmaker’s app, you might get exclusive offers. This is a common practice among the major bookmakers of the industry. Smaller companies tend to forget the mobile aspect of gambling or they simply don’t have the money to develop a dedicated app.

So, how do you bet online? It’s very easy. You choose a reputed bookmaker, you sign up and then you make a deposit. Once your account is credited with funds, you place a bet. Wait for the game to play out and then one of two things happens: you predicted the correct outcome and you recover your stake plus the odds x the amount of your bet, or you lose your stake. It’s that simple. When you have enough money, you withdraw it to your account.

Know the rules

However, the betting rules vary from one sport to another and you have to understand how odds work for the sports you are interested in. in team sports, the outcome that determines who wins a bet is usually based on predicting an accurate score or at least the team who will win/lose. For races, you bet on a certain horse/driver to finish the race first, and so on. Golf and other sports that are not mainstream have specific rules you will have to understand if you want to bet.

Anyway, regardless of what sport you choose, it’s not good advice to bet on your favourite team or to always go with your gut. Instincts might be right from time to time but in the end, reason prevails.

You often hear people say “don’t play casino games, they’re all rigged.” The number one advice I can give you is to not believe a statement unless you put it through your own filters. Some games are of course rigged, undoubtedly. Others are not. Now, don’t get me wrong. The algorithm of a casino game will always favour the house through its very core but there’s a difference between rigged and the way a game is.

Rigged means you are getting scammed. For example, a special deck of cards at a poker game is rigged. Now, games that through their construction make it hard for the player to win are not rigged. That’s just the way they are. If you don’t like it, don’t play. Saying that such a game is rigged is like saying the lottery is rigged because you have very low chances of winning. It’s not the same thing, so learn the difference.

Choose wisely

Next, be careful about how you choose an online casino. the safest thing to do is to stick to big names in the industry. Everybody knows them and there are a lot of reviews online to vouch for the integrity of the website. This way, you avoid serious scams like getting your credit card data stolen and paying for accounts that don’t exist. Still, be wary of reviews because they are often disguised sales pitches. Check out the website yourself to see if it looks legit.


Considering that you came up with a list of good casinos, how do you choose the one you’ll sign up at? You could try them all, but that’s not very clever. Look instead at their promotions, not just the current ones but also the frequency and quality of promotions they tend to offer in general.

Welcome bonuses are the most common forms of attracting new players. Look for the most advantageous ones but don’t forget to evaluate the discounts for the games you are interested in and what offers are available for loyal players. Some casinos have loyalty programs to maintain the users’ interest over time.

Bet responsibly

There are a few things you should know about responsible betting behaviour. You might think that betting while drinking is a lot of fun and you may be right, especially when you’re in the right company. The problem is that all the money you lost won’t seem so funny in the morning when you wake up to realise what you’ve done. Besides, alcohol and gambling are usually associated with addiction to both these vices. Remember that you are doing this to make your life better not to ruin it for good. Also, it goes without saying that drugs aren’t a good idea either.


I have one last piece of advice for new gamblers: eliminate all distractions when you play. Why do you think beautiful girls keep walking around tables in a land based casino? Being distracted prevents you from taking the best decisions and you consequently lose money. Turn off the TV, put your phone away (unless you use it to play the game) and focus only on the task at hand.