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No clear purpose

Anyway, after I finished high school, I had no clear idea of where I’m headed in life. I didn’t apply to college because honestly, I really didn’t know what field to choose. It didn’t take long for me to fall into a depression. My high school friends moved away to top notch colleges or at least had a clear career path they were going to take.

As for me, I was still living with my parents. This was the worst possible thing that could have happened to our relationship. My being irritated didn’t go well with my parents’ desire off control born out of their wanting me to succeed. And there was my younger brother with whom I used to fight on a daily basis over insignificant things like who gets the last piece of chocolate.

An opportunity

Anyway, at a certain point I, said enough. I can’t keep living like this, no matter what career I choose. I had to get a job or make some money, preferably in a legal way, to move out. My parents tried very hard but they barely could feed me and my brother, so I couldn’t ask any financial help from them. I started looking for job postings. There obviously aren’t many things you can do with no experience or qualifications, so I got a job at a local supermarket and for minimum wage.

So far, so good. Still, that wasn’t enough to cover my moving expenses and 2-months worth of rent so I had to do more. That’s when I discovered online gambling. Luckily, I am one of those success stories and not a person who failed miserably. To be honest, there wasn’t much I could lose considering I had no money or properties in my name.

I know a thing or two about football, so I started to bet on football games regularly using my salary. I wasn’t spending all of it on bets because I wanted to act responsibly and save some money for my plan to move out. I can’t say I kept winning but overall, I was making money.

You can call it luck or knowledge, but one thing is for certain: I wasn’t making bets based only on my gut and I never put high stakes. I did a lot of online research about football betting to understand how it all works and how I can make it work in my favor. Let me tell you, I am proud to say I managed to gather about 3-months worth of rent apart from what I saved from my job at the supermarket.


In less than 6 months I had enough money to follow my plan and I did. I lived in a 2-bedroom decent apartment for about 2 years. In the meantime, I left that dead end job but I kept betting and I was making enough money to cover the rent. I learned web design on my own through online tutorials and I started to work online from home.

I am happier, my relationship with my family improved and I actually managed to save enough to make a down payment for a medium sized house. I still gamble to pay the mortgage. I created this website because I want to teach others how to get a hold of their lives by making money in a fun and responsible way. Online gambling can turn your life around if you keep a cool head and stick to your plan. Join me to see how it can be done!