The Best Things You Can Get Online for Free

The rise of the internet and mainstream availability means that more and more stuff can be reached with minimal effort. That also means that you can obtain things online for free. There are various things that you can get for free, and here are some of them.

Free Bets

Online casinos offer plenty of free bets either on sign-up or when you meet some criteria in a game. This is almost omnipresent and likely to be found on almost every online casino. Because so many casinos offer free bets, others, especially new ones, must do so as well, in order to be able to attract customers. Even old, established brands offer bonuses and promotions on a regular basis, for both new and already existing accounts.

Free Computer Components

While there isn’t a regular or established schedule where and when you can get a free component for your computer, many of the tech review sites or tech YouTube accounts, often referred to as tech tubers, frequently have giveaways. Large brands and even manufacturers also have giveaways, but you are likely to find possible free components with your favorite tech tubers and review sites.

Unlimited Movies

Some online streaming services such as Netflix offer free accounts for a month. This means that you have access to their entire database for an entire month. Being inventive enough, you can make multiple accounts and most likely enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows. Your friends can help out in this matter, as people love to Netflix and chill, usually in company of others, rather than alone.

Courses on Anything and Everything

There are many sites online which offer free courses, like Coursera or edX. edX has course from some of the more prestigious universities such as Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. Free courses mean more knowledge and more ways of earning stuff, which comes from free education.

Learn Languages

There are more ways of learning stuff online now than there has ever been and languages are ever so easier to learn. Duolingo offers both desktop and mobile applications which allow you to learn many languages for free. This can also help you bridge the gap to another culture as well as look for more job opportunities.

A Bank Account

Many people have bank accounts as they are almost essential to successful financial management. Since online banking took off, there are plenty of ways to create an account online, due to many banks offering online banking features. Some payment services function as online services primarily while others also offer credit cards which you can use at any ATM or shop.


Free e-books are available on many sites but a very popular and extensive database can be found on Project Gutenberg. They offer over 58000 e-books for free.

These are some of the best things you can get online for free. Some of them require a little effort and patience, but for the price of free, a lot of people are willing to make the sacrifice.