Online casinos and how they work

The first online casinos were established in 1998, meaning almost 20 years ago. Since then, thousands of casinos based in different countries around the globe were born. There are a few well-known brands that allow people from a lot of countries to join, so it’s quite hard to compete to with them.

Still, since you are not trying to open up your own casino, you should know that these big brands force new casinos to maintain a quality standard if they want to survive on the market. Competition is beneficial for the consumer because it usually results in better services at lower prices. This way, the big companies that dominate the market can’t drop the ball.

Anyway, so how online gambling works? The process is simple: you sign up, you make a deposit, you play. Assuming you are good enough to make some money, you will then withdraw your earnings into your account.

The law

Legality is a hot topic when it comes to online gambling, but it really shouldn’t be. Most of the civilised world allows people to play casino games online, probably because the government can take a lot of taxes from the casinos itself. The consumer’s earnings are usually exempt from taxes, which is good news because you get to keep all of your earnings.

There’s an interesting reason why people can freely play online casino games. Most states lack legislation that explicitly mentions online gambling. A lot of the gambling related laws date back to the 19th century and nobody really cares to implement them especially when it’s beneficial for the government for people to play.

Things change however in the countries where the Sharia law applies. Here, gambling can actually be severely punished, regardless of what type of casino you choose. Moreover, these countries tend to be on casinos’ list of restricted territories because there are legal problems involved.


You might wonder what types of games you can play online. the answer is any type of casino game including the classics (poker, blackjack, roulette etc.) and slot games with various themes and great visual effects. As time passed, the gameplay became more and more engaging even though the rules rarely changed. Developers focus on providing better sound and graphics as well as interesting stories for slot games. Apart from this, the casinos themselves offer freebies and promotions for certain games as an incentive to sign up and play.